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Cleaning & Maintenance

Early Detection and Preventive Maintenance are important facets in maintaining and keeping a Building/ Structure's Maintenance Cost at a low. URBAN XTREME Rope Access techniques and methodologies allow building maintenance and repairs to be made at height or in really awkward places in minimum disruption with quick and cost efficiency.

Tasks URBAN XTREME Rope Access Teams typically undertake includes but not limited to:

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • De-Vegetation and Vertical Garden Maintenance

  • Concrete and Joint Repairs

  • Pipework

  • Pest control and Bird Netting/ Spikes (other Deterrants)

  • Building External Facade, Interior, Aerial Sculpture Cleaning/ Polishing

  • Blasting/ Hydro-jet (High-Pressure) Spray and High-Dusting Cleaning

  • Full Surface Preparation, Ti02  & System Coating (Painting)

  • Roofing/ Wall Masonry Repairs & Waterproofing

  • Installing Solar Panels/ Lighting Conductors 

Some of the buildings or structures on which URBAN XTREME have utilised Rope Access methods include:

  • Storage Tanks, Silos and Caverns

  • Ventilation Shafts & Confined Space Entry

  • High-rise Buildings

  • Indoor & Outdoor Festivals/ Events 

  • Power Stations

  • Bridges

  • Pylons, Towers, Masts, Chimneys

  • Factories & Warehouses

  • Statues & Unconventional Structures

This is not a comprehensive list of our offering in this area. Our services extends to the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Offshore Sectors.


Please contact us via email through or call/ whatsapp us at (+65) 8454 5145 for your exact requirements.

Benefits of choosing URBAN XTREME Singapore

Building maintenance is often required in the most inconvenient of places, away from fixed access systems, ladders or walkways. Installing expensive scaffolding can be costly and disruptive to your business and the public. Our expert rope access teams can work at any height, with minimum fuss and repair and maintain your building to the highest standards.

We have an outstanding safety record ensuring every project is planned and managed with the suitable equipment according the IRATA Code of Practice.

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