Although rope access has its origins in the off shore industry it was quickly recognised

                                                                     that there were many on-shore applications for work placement technique that was

                                                                     safe, environmentally friendly and not intrusive. Today Rope Access Operatives and  

                                                                     Specialists  (IRATA / IATRAS) can be seen at work on the world’s great iconic

                                                                     buildings, both old and new, as well as your local city centre or industrial complex; it is

                                                                     also widely used in the natural environment such as stabilisation on cliffs and rock

                                                                     formations and a host of locations where quick and safe access to high or difficult

                                                                     locations is required.


The ease with which rope access technicians can safely apply themselves to working at height means that architects and engineers can continue to design and construct ever more challenging structures and buildings which prohibit the use of other forms of access












































This is not a comprehemsive set of listing. Contact us for your immediate requirements.


URBAN XTREME (Singapore) Operatives & Specialists are trained and competent to

undertake and coordinate Emergency Rescue Operations at a moments notice.



Inspection and Testing of Structures


  • Structural Surveys

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Shafts

  • Confined spaces

  • Masts, towers and pylons

  • Satellite and radar tracking installations


Construction, Maintenance & Repairs


  • Concrete Repair on bridges and high rise buildings

  • Repair of historic buildings, churches and monuments

  • Renewable energy sector wind turbines

  • Sealant Installation and Re-instatement

  • Secondary Fixings

  • Replacement Cladding

  • Flare Stack erection & maintenance

Cleaning and Painting


  • Jet spray

  • Grit blasting

  • Spray Painting

  • Roller brush Painting

  • Full surface Preparation

Media & Entertainment


  • Rigging for stage

  • Lighting & sound

  • Erection of banners

  • Aerial photography

Geotechnical & Civil Engineering


  • Permanent Rock Anchorage

  • Soil Nailing

  • Sprayed Concrete

  • Rock fall prevention Meshing

  • Pressure Pointing

  • Slope stabilisation

Structures, Facilities & Building Services


  • General Window Cleaning

  • Glazing Inspection Replacement and Repair

  • Services Repair Fitting and Maintenance

  • Pest Control

  • Bird deterrent installation

  • Façade Survey, Coating, inspection and maintenance

Uses of Rope Access ?

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