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URBAN XTREME Rope Access Specialists & Operatives are trained to identify confined space hazards at the start of a project then produce a risk assessment and method statement to allow effective management of the risks on site. They have the capability to undertake both general and principal inspections of culverts, masts and gantries.

Masts and towers are another piece of infrastructure where URBAN XTREME Rope Access Specialists & Operatives can quickly and safely scale masts and towers that are hundreds of feet high.

Urban Xtreme Rope Access Specialists & Operatives are highly trained in confined space entry techniques allowing them to work safely and get out quickly in the event of an emergency. Combined with lightweight, efficient roped access techniques, this allows URBAN XTREME to deploy teams into what otherwise would be very hard to access areas.

URBAN XTREME have extensive experience of confined spaces situations, including culverts, voids within bridges, tunnel shafts and numerous industrial situations where risks of engulfment, entrapment or poor ventilation are present.



Inspection & Surveys


Building Inspection & Maintenance

Early Detection and Preventive Maintenance are important facets of Building Management. URBAN XTREME have always believed in pushing the boundaries to provide clients with the most cost-effective and safe way of carrying out inspection, maintenance and examination. This is why a large portion of URBAN XTREME’s work is from repeat business, as our clients know the high level of service URBAN XTREME provide.

As more buildings become unique architectural statements, with often sophisticated and intricate envelopes, facade access plays an ever more important role in safe and efficient building maintenance.  High Access Solutions provides independent consulting services that identify and address these specific requirements.  Our design planning team brings a unique expertise to the planning of permanent access equipment for exterior and interior building facade access maintenance.


Our aims are to ensure the highest degree of equipment effectiveness and its compatibility with the building’s design whilst minimising the aesthetic impact of the specification.  For projects of any size and shape our expertise in design and technology provides our clients with facade access services for their buildings that are safe, practical, aesthetic and functional.

In addition to developing design documents and technical specifications using the latest AutoCAD and visual simulation techniques our services also include construction contracting and project management with assistance in the bidding and value engineering process. We review drawings; monitor the progress of the installation and conduct final acceptance commissioning.  We also help with Maintenance contracting and can even manage your exterior maintenance programs, whether internal or outsourced.  Our approach gives complete commitment to the critical balance of thoroughness, creativity, safety, productivity and cost effectiveness.

URBAN XTREME’s Rope Access Specialists and Operatives are not only rope access trained, they have secondary skills, e.g. painters or come from various construction backgrounds. Whether you need inspection/ maintenance surveys or you need a banner putting up or cleaning work carrying out in a difficult to reach place, URBAN XTREME services is the company you need.

URBAN XTREME have highly trained, experienced staff with extensive knowledge of carrying out inspections, testing and surveys on a wide range of structures and materials.

A priority for URBAN XTREME is liaising with you to ensure that you are receiving the information you require in the format you need it to be in.

URBAN XTREME understands that not all people have the same requirements and this is why URBAN XTREME tailor each job to our clients’ individual needs.

Inspection & Maintenance Services Provided

  • Visual building surveys and safety removals;

  • Concrete and Masonry Testing (according to clients' specifications

  • Water Tightness Test/ Leak Investigations;

  • Maintenance work including Painting, Installation, Concrete Repair, Window and General Cleaning;

  • Difficult access: Atria, Shafts, Bridges, Masts, Towers, High-rise Buildings, any unusual Structures;

  • Access Assistance to Non-Rope Access Professionals.

Examples of Services Offered include:

  • Steel, aluminium and cast iron testing including section loss

  • Dimensional surveys including line, level and verticality checks

  • Pre-contract surveying and dimensional work including for over cladding works and for sites at risk of settlement

  • Bolt Tensioning and Re-Reveting

  • Bolt and Anchor Installation &Testing – Safety Eye-bolts,  Panel Fixings, etc

  • Various non-destructive testing (NDT)

Bridge Inspection Work

URBAN XTREME utilise Rope Access, other techniques and methodologies to solve difficult access problems and provide our clients with cost effective and safe solutions.

By using Rope Access and other ways of working at height the benefits to you are the possession times required can be dramatically reduced, along with the costs of hiring access equipment. Using URBAN XTREME’s Rope Access and Work Height Specialist/ Engineer Team can be substantially cheaper then erecting scaffolding.

With experience in undertaking general and principal inspections using a range of access solutions, URBAN XTREME have the experience and knowledge you need to gain immediate access to under-hangs. URBAN XTREME have carried out bridge and structure works that includes The Merlion, Kallang Bahru Link Bridge, Esplanade Outdoor Auditorium Spires just to mention some.

General and principal inspections and maintenance works on various rail structures and bridges, including re-painting, pointing, brickwork and concrete repairs.

Bridge Services include:

  • Difficult access maintenance works

  • Visual surveys (Video/ Pictorial)

  • Removal of vegetation

  • Maintenance and installation works

URBAN XTREME's 's Inspection & Surveys extends into the Offshore Sector. 

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