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Many instances of building maintenance (particularly in aging buildings) occur in the most inconvenient of places, away from fixed access systems, ladders or walkways. Rope access offers a means of accessing and repairing these hard to reach items in a cost effective manner, with minimal disruption to building users.


Typical services could include patch paint repairs, concrete repairs, sealant application, steelwork cleaning in atriums or shopping centres, electrical testing and lighting repairs.

Surveys & Inspections

Rope Accesss Building & Bridge Inspection

URBAN XTREME (Singapore) have a full range of inspection services available and these includes Civil Engineering & Maintenance Inspections to check safety of the fabric of an existing or new structure and can provide the evidence of the quality of a building. The rope access technique is most useful where inspection services are required.


Most areas of a structure can be efficiently reached and inspected at close range (generally within touching distance) by combinations of ascent/ descent and tensioned rope traversing. This means that vertical drops of a structure such as a building façade, or spandrel walls of a bridge can be inspected, as well as any cantilevered sections of the building, or the arch barrels of a bridge.

Examples of activities suitable for rope access operations, include invasive and non-invasive testing works, such as chloride sampling, carbonation depth checking, wall tie population surveys, floor nib investigation and reinforcement mapping.

We look after the fabric of buildings – inside and outside. From roof tops and flag poles to basements and car parks – we can maintain all parts of a building whether new or old, high or low, occupied or unoccupied


We can save you money through regular inspection of your building’s fabric, diagnose any faults and attend to all the jobs, large and small, that our inspection reveals.

A well-maintained building can reduce your operational costs, improve employee efficiency and create the right impression – yet we won’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll meet your needs through a combination of experience, imagination and flexibility.

URBAN XTREME (Singapore) offer a comprehensive range of inspection services. Our technicians can access all areas of a structure with minimal impact, providing you with vital evidence and information, pinpointing specific faults and stress areas to all substrates.

All building or structural surveys are submitted with photographic evidence, complete with a detailed report of subsequent findings.

Rope access is sometimes the only practical solution for internal high chamber inspection, shafts or tunnels where a confined space may be a problem.

Other Areas of Inspection includes:

Offshore, Shipping & the Marine Industries

Eddy Current (EC), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)


Contact us for more details on these field.

URBAN XTREME (Singapore) Operatives & Specialists are trained and competent to

undertake and coordinate Emergency Rescue Operations at a moments notice.

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