Rooftop railings are usually non-penetrating to prevent roof leakage. Most of our roof railing solutions are designed to be easily assembled on the roof surface without penetrating the roof membrane. 



Rooftop Guardrail

FREE STANDING guardrail and railing system that does not penetrate the roof membrane.


Portable Safety Railing

PORTABLE railing systems use weighted bases to create a permanent or temporary railing system. This system does not require any hardware connections.


Metal Roof Guardrail

RIGID Roof Railing is a unique railing system for standing seam metal roofs system that is OSHAcompliant.


Roof Hatch Railing

HATCH is designed for safe egress and ingress through roof access hatches and for protection of the roof opening while the roof hatch is open.


Roof Parapet Railing

MOUNTING a railing directly to the top of a roof parapet is a cost-effective way of providing rooftop perimeter fall protection.

What Makes a Safety Railing Good for The Roof


There are a number of features that make a railing good for installing on a rooftop.


  • OSHA Compliant - All safety railing must be OSHA Compliant and this is especially true on a roof. Roof safety rail protects workers from fatal falls. All of our roof safety railing systems have been tested to OSHA standards by the railing manufacturer.


  • Non-Penetrating - One of the most important features of a roof railing is that it does not penetrate the roof membrane. All of our systems are built to use counter balanced weight, clamping force or a wall connection to avoid penetrating the roof membrane. Penetrating the roof membrane is only done as a last resort because penetrating the roof voids warranties and opens the roof up to leaks.


  • Simple and Efficient to Install - The roof is not an ideal work environment. Whatever safety rail system is being installed on your roof, you want to ensure that it will install simply and quickly. Our roof guardrails use modular components to make on-roof installation safe, quick and easy.


This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us with your requirements.

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