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Rope Access Solutions & Methodologies

The provisions for a SAFE, TIME and COST EFFICIENT Access Solution ' can be ' or at majority of times ' is the ' significant proportion of any project’s costs involving difficuly to reach remote areas especially amidst the current architectural trend. 

Rope Access techniques can replace conventional solutions and provide significant financial and time savings.


Rope systems are quick to install and dismantle, offers better flexibility for scheduling work, and it often allows other trades to continue working.


Bridge Inspection, Repairs & Maintenance






  • Internal / External 

  • Prior to T.O.P. Construction Standard Cleaning

  • Prior to T.O.P. / Quality Check Photographic Inspection / Survey

  • Window Glass, SunPanels, Aluminium Window Bracket, etc Protective Film Removal (Peeling)

  • Water-Proofing Works / Water Tightness Test

  • Louvers Cleaning

  • Corrective Works

  • Welding

  • Safety Netting / Aerial Netting Work Platform

  • Edge Protection

  • Debris Netting

  • Bird Netting & Spike Installation



Events & Film

  • Events & Arena Rigging 

  • Heavy Hauling of Equipment

  • Specialized Rigging 

  • Aerial Stunts & Fashion Shows

  • Banners & Aerial Displays



We undertake the following Works in varied Trade & Industries in both the Commercial  & Industrial Sectors

that includes:

Inspection/Testing of Structures

  • Structural Surveys & Non-Destructive Testing



Maintenance and Repair

  • Full Surface Preparation & Localized Concrete Repair

  • Sealant Installation and Reinstatement

  • Secondary Fixings

  • Installation & Replacement Cladding and Glazing Panels

  • Electrical Faults & Correctional Works on High-Voltage



Cleaning and Painting

  • Jet spray, grit blasting and three-tool method

  • Spray & Roller-brush Coating (Paining)

  • Full Surface Preparation / Rust Treatment 



Facilities Management Building Services

  • General Window Cleaning & Pest Control Solutions

  • Glazing Inspection Replacement and Repair

  • Services Repair Fitting and Maintenance

  • Façade Survey, Coating, Inspection & Maintenance

  • Banner, Sticker Facade Mural, Building Signage,

       LED & Neon, and Sign Bracket Erection




























Every bridge is different – age, purpose, design, materials, structure and stresses. Many have historic significance. Spandrels, parapets, rings, barrels, masonry, concrete and steelwork are all vulnerable. We understand these things.

Access can be by rope, cradle or scaffolding – whichever is practical, safe, economically sensible and allows us to inspect closely every inch of a structure, report back with video and still photography and carry out appropriate remedial (repairs and maintenance) and/ or installation works.

We undertake site investigations and assessment with full reporting for Inspection and Engineering Firms, providing vital information, pinpointing specific faults and stress areas.

With our integrated access systems know-hows, we have the techniques to secure access difficult to reach areas that was once thought to be impossible or too costly.

When conservation is an issue, we use minimum abrasion and traditional skills and recipes. Works in this area varies from removing, treating and managing graffiti, gum, oil stains, weeds and insect infestation. Our truck mounted pumps power water through our special spray heads, which jet at critical angles to soften dirt and grime.

We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties, using scaffolding, access platforms or rope access technology.

Safety matters – our personnel are only allowed to work on jobs for which they are fully trained and qualified.

We always clean up afterwards and make good the site.



This is not a comprehensive listing. Please contact us for your actual requirements. 

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