Fall Protection Lifeline Systems


Not every situation is suitable for guardrailing. In circumstance where a fall cannot be prevented, fall protection lifeline systems are your next line of fall protection.


Lifeline systems can be used to arrest workers in the event of a fall (active system), or restrain workers from reaching a fall hazard (restraint system).

Fall Arrest Lifeline Systems usually involved a fall arrest harness and anchor points. 
Below are a few of our fall arrest solutions, lifelines and Anchor points.

  • Safety Netting System

  • Barricade Barriers

  • Horizontal & Vertical Lifelines

  • Overhead Lifeline

  • Anchor Eyebolts

  • Walkway Systems



Pre-Engineered and Engineered Lifeline Systems


URBAN XTREME (Singapore) Horizontal Lifeline Systems built to provide continuous protection for multiple users working at height.


Engineered Horizontal Lifelines are different from other systems such as pre-engineered lifelines and temporary horizontal lifelines in the fact that they are designed specifically to fit your working environment. 


URBAN XTREME (Singapore) can provide you with an engineered horizontal lifeline that is designed to suit your working environment.  Whether you need to protect workers on a roof, a balcony, or an elevated surface such as a rail car or airplane, URBAN XTREME can provide you with the appropriate horizontal lifeline solution. 


Features of an Engineered Horizontal Lifeline


Engineered Lifeline Systems are custom designed to meet your specifications, but here are a few of thestandard features and benefits:


  • Built to support the number of workers that you need. (typically three).

  • Provides continuous protection to the person working near a fall hazard.

  • Systems designed to reduce stress on roof in the event of a fall.

  • Can accommodate corners and varying building shapes

  • Available in floor-level, side-mount (wall) and overhead mounting options

  • Designed with durable weather resistant components

  • Support for a virtually any roof style.



Pre-Engineered Lifeline Systems


Through cooperating with well known Pre-Engineered System Manufacturers, we are able to provide you with unique solutions that will best fit your environment.



Installation of Horizontal Lifelines


Typically, a crew of trained installers will perform the installation of your horizontal lifelines. These trained professionals will come to your site for the installation of your system and training of your workers on the use and maintenance of the lifeline system.


When necessary, a product manufacturer can train your staff to install the system themselves. In other cases a pre-engineered solution can be used, which would allow your own Competently Trained individual to perform the installation of the lifeline system. In most situations we will quote the installation and training as a part of the entire system cost.


What is a Horizontal Lifeline?


A horizontal lifeline is made up of a cable that spans along a fall hazard. Horizontal lifelines provide fall protection when the user attaches themselves to this cable by the means of a lanyard and fall protection harness. The lifeline cables are usually attached to the structure at set intervals and can even curve around corners. Horizontal lifelines can be attached at foot level when working on a top level surface such as a roof. Horizontal lifelines can also be attached overhead, such as in airline hangers and bus depots. 


An alternative solution to consider which is comparable to a wire rope system is a rigid steel track and trolley system: Tether Track Rigid HLL


Should you install lifeline fall protection or is there another option?


According to the Hierarchy of Safety, the safest option is always to remove the hazard completely.  When that is not possible, the next best option is to guard the hazard.  Solutions such as guardrail and safety railing solutions help provide this kind of protection.  As a last resort “active fall protection” such as lifeline systems should be employed to protect workers from a hazard.  Talk with one of our sales team to ensure that you have the best solution for your situation.



Temporary Horizontal Lifelines

Rope and steel cable temporary horizontal lifelines that can be installed temporarily and then reused.



Overhead Fixed Track Lifelines

Tether track is a rigid rail overhead lifeline system that does not sag or bend during a fall.



Vertical Lifelines

Lifelines that can be used to traverse up and down the sides of roofs and ladders.


Vertical Lifelines are ropes and cables that can be attached overhead of a ladder or the slope of a building.

Positioning devices prevent you from slipping backward and allow you to ascend and descend the rope.



Construction Lifelines

Lifeline systems that are suitable for use during construction.




This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us with your requirements.