Our innovative Technical Project Team will turn an initial concept into a practical and productive working system.The combination of our design capabilities and supporting services enables us to realise our designs quickly and efficiently.



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Fall Arrest & Work Restraint Systems


Specialists in the design and installation of Fall Protection, Height Safety & Safe Access solutions, including Safety Netting, Edge Protection, Work Restraint & Fall Arrest Systems for rooftops and all manner of structures.


As work at height specialists, URBAN XTREME (Singapore) provide a wide range of fall protection solutions across multiple industries and sectors. From horizontal lifelines, fall arrest solutions, eyebolts and anchors, to walkways, edge protection and bespoke safety netting to ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS for your specific need - we provide services and installations which allow work to be carried out safely at height.



Initial Access


It has been identified that initial access to remote locations can be the determining cost and efficiency factor for Work at Height Systems. Industrial Rope Access Techniques and Methodologies can be the solution for a rapid deployment to the work area/s. 



Fall Protection Solutions


Horizontal Lifelines


Safety lines that provide continuous protection for working at heights, allowing the user to move about unhindered and carry on tasks at height in safety. Systems can be mounted onto roof surfaces or directly onto buildings and structures.


Fall Arrest Anchor Solutions


We provide and install a range of fall arrest solutions designed to provide permanently fixed anchor systems for roofs or structures.


Safety Eyebolt Solutions


A comprehensive range of Class A1 safety anchors; including removable eyebolts and anchors suitable for use in brick, concrete, masonry and steel.


Portable Deadweight Anchors


A modular dead weight anchor fall prevention system, for use with Personal Protection Equipment, and can be used in conjunction with horizontal safety lines, and rope access work.


Roof top walkways


Providing a safe, anti-slip, level surface for anyone who needs to acces a roof in the course of theirwork, and can cater for flat, barrel and sloping roofs.


Free Standing Roof Edge Protection


A free standing roof fall protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane.


Bespoke Safety Netting


A range of bespoke fall arrest / safety netting and tension netting for use in a variety of situations and applications.



URBAN XTREME (Singapore) Operatives & Specialists are trained and competent to

undertake and coordinate Emergency Rescue Operations at a moments notice.

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