• Using Rope Access can provide an unobtrusive, cost effective access capability

  • The number of man hours working at height can be vastly reduced when using Rope Access over traditional access methods

  • Equipment used (i.e. Ropes) can be installed and uninstalled rapidly to ensure minimum disruption and therefore could help reduce overall lead time on projects, which could in turn see a reduction in project costs

  • Other trades can generally continue their works without disruption at ground level, compared with other access methods, i.e. scaffolding

  • Rope systems can be easily installed to reach almost All areas, which may not have been possible using conventional means

  • Use of Rope Access could reduce further costs where there maybe need of road closures, i.e. Busy Shopping Centres

  • Rope Access offers greater flexibility for rescheduling and can therefore take advantage of any weather conditions

  • Due to the unobtrusive nature, Rope Access, can offer historic building owners less visual impact during inspections, enabling them to retain their visual integrity.

  • Benefits of rope access is when the cost to access an area is disproportionate to the amount of work that has to be carried out

  • Rope access operatives can often accomplish in a matter of hours, work which previously took days to complete using conventional access methods

The real benefits of rope access are realised when the current number of man hours are assessed in working at height during the process of gaining access to the working area with traditional methods of access.

Benefits of Rope Access ?

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